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16 Dec 2019
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Radio Christmas has received some positive feedback from the Community Radio Award committe, but was not awarded anything this year.

We thought you would like to read the comments:

  • Radio Christmas is a very fun concept with a clear goal in mind: to raise money for Street Kids Direct, a charity that helps at risk children in Latin America.
  • The number of volunteers involved is staggering (compared to other entrants in this category). Some of those involved have evidently gone on to broadcasting careers.
  • The youthful presenters are charming and their state of spontaneity refreshing. The links and station IDs are professional-sounding.
  • Wonderful idea and a novel way of engaging with an audience at Christmas, definitely a clever way of presenting niche Christmas content without relying entirely on Christmas number ones.
  • Fantastic charity project. Money raised for children in Central America through a Christmas Radio.
  • Many volunteers (600-800 each year), especially kids. Lot of fun, jokes and on-air talks during the Christmas time.
  • Congratulations! What a wonderful and fun way to start the entry with the children on air who I am sure have caught the 'radio bug'. I really enjoyed how many young people were on the entry, some real future radio stars can say they started their careers at Radio Christmas.
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