Elf on the Shelf

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elf1One of the newest Christmas traditions and one which we love here at Radio Christmas is based on a book called “The Elf on the Shelf” by Carol Aebersold.  Carol wrote the book to tell the story of an elf doll that would magically in a different part of the house every morning in the days leading up to Christmas Day.

Carol and her sister Chanda grew up with this family tradition thanks to her parents who would place a toy elf in various places around the house each night, causing great excitement with the girls each morning when they woke, as the hunt for the elf would begin.  The parents also said that the elf would be watching them to make sure they were well behaved and would tell Father Christmas if they were naughty.

Radio Christmas has received many photos from listeners who let us know where their elf is each day.  So, why not join the online community and let us know where your elf is this Christmas?



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