Duncan Dyason

Duncan Dyason

With four weeks to go the Radio Christmas team are working hard in Guatemala, while in Honduras there seems to be some extreme resting going on!!!

Dunc & Ben talk about one of their evenings on the streets of Guatemala City. Street work can be challenging and sometimes dangerous, but the Street Kids Direct street team are committed to getting homeless people off the streets and preventing high-risk children from taking to the streets.

Radio Christmas is preparing to launch its 12 Days of Christmas LIVE broadcasts from Guatemala and Honduras from the 13th December 2019. Get the app, bookmark the page and stay tuned and be ready to join in the fun.


sk01Radio Christmas is a project of Street Kids Direct, a Registered UK charity.  The charity is unique in that it is an online charity run entirely run by volunteers.  This means we can guarantee that 100% of all our donations go directly to the projects we partner with in Central America.

Our focus has always been to help rescuer children from the streets and work to prevent more children taking to the streets.  The work is often very challenging, but seeing the impact that your donations make in the life of a child is heart-warming.  We hope you will have time to read one or more of the stories below.


When the charity's Director and Founder, Duncan Dyason MBE, moved to Guatemala in 1992 there were an estimated 5,000 children living on the streets (statistic from Casa Alianza).  After 27 years working on the streets on Guatemala City, there are no longer any children living alone on the streets.  The boy in the photo on the right is called Jonathan and he was the last child we rescued off the streets in 2017.  Most of our street work today is focussed on surveying the streets for new children and rescue them before they become acclimatized to street life and to help those adults who are living on the streets to leave or stay alive.


The majority of our funding is focussed on keeping vulnerable street-connected children off the streets.  We do this by identifying those most at risk and offering them the support of a caring mentor in their life, the opportunity to go to school, medical support and access to a mentoring centre.




sergio rehabSergio is in his early 20’s and is currently living in a drug rehabilitation home. He has been alone in this world since his mother died when he was just 10 years old. As a teenager he ended up living on the streets of ‘La Terminal’ in Guatemala City and began taking drugs. It is unclear which came first but the two go hand in hand quite often. 
As a charity we became involved in his life over five years ago and have seen him leave the streets and return there more than once.

Despite all he has suffered Sergio is a delightful and caring young man. He wants to study and learn and has dreams of becoming a pilot. However, the draw of the drugs and streets have repeatedly had a strong hold over him. Our SKD Guatemala street team has supported him and been consistent in his life through several stints in rehab and several relapses. Last time he left rehab the team found him a good job and a room of his own, they supported him and helped him, but unfortunately a few drinks after work with friends lead to him spiralling and back on the streets. 

Thankfully this is not the end of his story as the street team were able to place him in another rehab and he is doing fantastically well. He is finally getting the psychological help he needs to find the root of his addiction and work through the trauma in his past.

The street team is already working on a plan for when he leaves where he will continue to be supported throughout his recovery. It is through your donations that the street team can be so present in the lives of people like Sergio and continue to support them and help them leave the streets. 



DamarisDamaris is a lovely 14-year-old girl who has been transformed through the work of SKD Guatemala. 

Damaris is the oldest of five children in her family and when we first met her over four years ago she was very shy, with next to no self confidence and low self-worth. She, along with her younger siblings, was often subjected to a father who would drink and then come home and beat their mother.

Street Kids Direct have been able to support her and her family in lots of ways, including rest bite in the "Casa Alexis" Protection Home. Through the SKD mentoring centre and mentoring programme Damaris and her whole family have been helped and supported. All five of the children are in school or nursery and are doing really well.

Just four years ago Damaris could not read or write and now her school grades are consistently in the high 90’s-100%. She used to shy away from people and would say ‘I can’t’ a lot when new activities or experiences were presented. Since then, we have seen her come out of her shell, laughing with her peers and taking on leadership roles in the centre. We have also seen her learn to ride a bike and take on challenges like high rise obstacle courses. This year Damaris achieved her dream of being in the school band and did a great job. As a charity we have even been able to help her father seek help for his drinking problem. Transformations like these can’t happen without your support and donations, so thank you. 



juan carlosJuan Carlos is 14 years old and lives alone with his mother. This past year has been a difficult one for him. His mother suffers with depression and they have very little in the way of material wealth.

Earlier in the year Juan Carlos stopped going to school and decided he didn’t want to have a mentor anymore. His attendance at the centre dropped and we were all very concerned for him. Thankfully through persistence and hard work from our team Juan Carlos started to come back to the centre and even started to help out with activities and the younger children. The team were able to encourage him back into regular school attendance and get him the help he needed to catch up. His servant heart and desire to help others is evident and there has been an obvious transformation in his life over the past few months.

His home situation has not changed but his attitude has. He has matured and been able to grow through the genuine love and consistency of positive adults in his life through the work of SKD Guatemala. We were so pleased in October this year when he graduated from primary school.  This was a great achievement due to ther fact thatearlier this year he was barely even going to school! The support of organisations like Global Care and individuals who donate make these amazing life transformations in children here in Guatemala possible.

SAVE THE DATE as we go LIVE on Friday 13th December 2019 from our studios in Central America.


Any bands or special music played or featured on Radio Christmas will be listed here for you to discover or enjoy again.







04 Nov 2019


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Taking into consideration the ethos of the station, the show is yours to do what you like. You can have music, quizzes, interviews, guests, jokes, plays, readings, etc.

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Most presenters have been allocated a one-hour show but we have some shows that repeat each week or even last two hours. If you think that in the one-hour show you will have adverts, jingles and the news then you will have about 54 minutes in every hour free to do what you want.

*Can we use any music and say anything we want?

We will have a PRS license so we can use any music we like. You need to be aware that swearing will not be tolerated or any form of language that is negative towards any individual nor groups of people. Please try and keep the spirit of Christmas and remember that if someone turns off because of one silly comment they probably won’t turn back on again. We are trying to raise money for street kids so let’s keep them as the focus.

*Who does the news?

Volunteers are invited to come and read out the news every hour. They will also be able to report on traffic and weather. The national and international news will also be played exactly on the hour.

*What about jingles?

Some people are making their own jingles for their show. There are lots of Radio Christmas jingles you can use in your show, maybe thinking about playing one jingle after every three songs. They are already in the computer and last from about 8 seconds to 30 seconds.

*How do we raise money?

We are trying to raise money through advertising and sponsorship. We will also be asking you to mention the Street Kids Direct charity a lot so people go to the website and see how they can give. If people want to have a request then we can play them a song but ask them to give a donation. Money can be taken into any of the shops that have a Radio Christmas poster up outside as well as the HSBC bank in Amersham. Remember to keep mentioning that we are trying to raise money for street kids.

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All the adverts are recorded and will be scheduled into your hour show. The technical operator will play these for you.

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We are organising a few Radio Christmas competitions that will run throughout the day. If you wish to have a competition then we would encourage you to use the text system. We don’t have a supply of prizes to give away so if you would like to run a competition then please consider donating a prize or finding a company or even a family member to sponsor that for you. Please do let us know by email that you will be doing a competition and we will try and put this on the website.

*How many microphones are there to use?

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The phone system comes through the internet to save costs. The number is 01494 853797 and we can only take one call at a time. We do have a second phone line for calling out if we need to. If you wanted to get people to phone in then you need to explain that if it is engaged to keep trying. If a volunteer is available phone calls can be routed through to the studio so you can talk to them ‘on air’.

We also have a text number we can encourage people to use. It is 70099 (UK only) and people will need to be told to type the word KIDS in first and then whatever you are asking them to respond to. For example they type in KIDS followed by a space and then A, B or C should you decide to have a quiz with the answer being A, B or C. If you use the text system then you need to say ‘texts costs £1.00 plus your standard network rate’. 100% of the £1 donation comes directly to us for our work with street kids, so every text will help make a difference in the life a child this Christmas and throughout the coming year. You could then look at the replies and choose a winner and call them back to say they have won.

*Do we have to use the sound desk as well and play all the music?

A technical operator will be available to make sure your microphone levels are fine, play your music and fade in jingles and anyone on the phone you might like to have ‘on air’.

*How early do I need to come in for my show?

The best thing is to come in at least 15 minutes before your show starts. We have two studios and so you will come into the unoccupied studio and prepare yourself before going live. Once your show begins then those in the previous studio will vacate and then that studio will become available for those following your show.

*How far will we broadcast on FM?

We only have 15w of power but that should be enough for the whole of Amersham, Little Chalfont and down into some parts of Chesham. Coverage on FM depends on the height of the transmitter and given that it is going on the Challoner’s Grammar School tower block we should be transmitting from the highest point of the area.

We are also going to broadcast on the internet and via the Apple app for i-phones etc. Encourage your family and friends around the world to tune in and listen via the internet or download and listen via the Apple app.

*Who will be listening?

We have considered that from 6am until school starts we will have families listening and then mostly adults during the daytime until schools are out when children and young people will listen more. At weekends all age groups will be listening.

It is important that presenters consider the listener first and foremost. THE RADIO SHOW IS FOR THE LISTENER NOT THE PRESENTER. Please remember that if the person listening does not feel part of the show then they will turn off. Try not to make the show about you as the presenter, make about the listener!

Statistics show us that our audience is worldwide and we have a lot of people litening in the UK, Europe, USA and Cananda. Please beware of this and try not to make your programme sound too local.

*Will my show be recorded?

Yes! We have to keep a record of all the shows just in case we have complaints and then the government comes and asks to hear what is being broadcast. If you would like a copy of your show then you can go to our website and select the listen again feature or download your show and keep it for future enjoyment. The listen again and download functions will only last until we start Radio Christmas again the following year.

*What else can I help with?

I think it would be a great idea if you wanted to help with the phone, email or news either before or after your show. There are so many slots unfilled we are desperate for people to come along and fill them. If you can give some more time to helping out in the office side then please take the menu option HOW TO HELP and select Get Involved.


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