Duncan Dyason

Duncan Dyason


Every year Radio Christmas invites local ministers into the studio to give their thought on something topical, usually this is from a Christmas perspective. We hope you enjoy listening to the following broadcasts from 2018.

Thanks to all those who have decided to give us some feedback on the apps and the radio station, it is much appreciated.

"A simple and pleasant station to listen to for non-stop Christmas"  Bill Acra

"Just listening whilst writing our Christmas Cards whilst in Scottsdale, Arizona. Happy Christmas to you and all of our friends in the UK.  John & Tina Gilmartin

"Hi I just want to say that this is the second year that I have listened to Radio Christmas and I must say what an absolute amazing station it is by playing non-stop Christmas music from all eras and most of all for raising money for the very poor children. Well I haven't heard the station live but I can't wait for it to do so. What a credit to you all for such a fantastic cause that you give and dedicate your time too."  Ian Smith

Love this station. Thank you. From Toronto Ontario Canada"  Dan Ferguson

"App is the best one Ive found yet!"  Mags

"Just saying this is an amazing app! Thank you! Provides me with hours of christmasy greatness:)  Becky Davies

"I with there was a sleep button so I could fall asleep listening to radio Christmas without it playing all night. Loving it though 63 days!"  Rebecca Anderson

"Thanks for great music all year round!"  Jared Burbank

"Good job with this app, thumbs up."  Tyler Struss

"I think this is a great radio station"  Alison May

"Hi there, may i say I do like your radio station as I do love Christmas & I always listen to Christmas music as it makes me happy inside."  Andrew Powers from South Wales.

"Hi. This an ace site."  Lindsey Baird

"Hi there.  I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful app. I think it is amazing what Radio Christmas does for children in Latin America. I love listening to it throughout the year, for Christmas songs just seem to pick up my spirits. Your organization may be located across the globe from my home in Canada, though it is an inspiration to so many people. I hope the organization is able to bring the best Christmas yet to children in Latin America, and a year of joy to all of the volunteers."  Alex Baldwin

"Brilliant radio station. I love Christmas all year through."  Rita Gray

"Thank you for your music. With you every day is a Christmas Day." Gabi Zamfirache

"Hey my name is Ashlynn and I live in Illinois in the US and I just wanted to know that I love your app and I want you to know that I think it is amazing why you're doing and I hope you guys keep up the great work. Thanks for all you."

"Love this radio station."  Claire Weston

"Keep up the good work."  Ken Pereira

"It is not even Christmas in Pennsylvania but, I just love the sound of joy... Can't even wait until December."  Keith Hartman

"Love it guys.  I start listening from now!!!  Excited loads.  Thanks."  Dan Lee-Jones

"I love this."  Nilo Tavares

"Hey I luv how there is a Xmas station all year long... I was just saying a few days ago that I wanted to here Christmas music and now I can!!!"  Caitlyn Tolomei

"Hello very good station keep the Christmas tunes coming.  Bradley Field

"Nice Christmas all year round haha."  Dave Murray

"Thank you so much!!!  From Italy with love!  Happy 2012!"  Antonia

"Perfect! Best regards from Germany."  Uwe Laub


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