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Home for Christmas

10 Dec 2019 Written by
Home for Christmas.  Singers: Kris and Angel Madrigal. 

‎Home For Christmas - Single by Andrew Collins

Can we have a bigger tree this year?  Singers: Pete Drake and Emma Solomon.  Facebook:

Let it be love this Christmas.  Ban: Steve Eggs Band

For more information visit

Christmas with my baby.  Singer: Leon McMullen

Gift of Love

10 Dec 2019 Written by

Gift of Love.  Singers: Pheyland & Natalie Barthan

This Christmas Time

10 Dec 2019 Written by

Will Martin is a 36 year old songwriting enthusiast from Carlisle, England.
This Christmas Time was written and recorded in February 2019 with the hope of spreading a little Christmas cheer to anyone who happens to listen to it.
The song is out now and can be found using the following links provided below.




Christmas in Summer

10 Dec 2019 Written by

Christmas in Summer. Singers: Lucy Hiku from Itty Bitty Beats.  YouTube:

That Swinging Manger

10 Dec 2019 Written by

That Swinging Manger.  Band: Doug Hume Orchestra featuring Bob Francis.  YouTube

Little Wild Christmas

10 Dec 2019 Written by

Little Wild Christmas.  Singer: Claudia Robin Gunn. Heartfelt family Christmas songs to help kids (and parents) keep calm through the festive season.