Duncan Dyason

Duncan Dyason

Street Kids Direct sponsors a project called Proyecto Alas, based in Talanga, Honduras.  The programme started last year to help reach vulnerable and street-connected children in Talanga, and recently has been loaned a house in the town in order to start a mentoring centre.

The centre "Casa Club" is currently going through some much-needed refurbishment as there was no running water, toilets or electrics.  The children got involved from the moment the house was offered to the group and have made it their own and have worked hard at helping to make it a pleasant environment for them to do their homework, play and get the support they need from their mentors.

The Proyecto Alas is a new project, currently operating under the World Gospel Mission structure and has received funds from Global Care to help with the basic running costs.

We are very pleased to partner with them and you can find out more about their work via their Facebook page.

Thanks to the monthly support of Street Kids Direct sponsors we have been able to put 12 young children into full-time nursery school.

The children used to spend each day on the streets in the notorious "La Terminal" in Guatemala City and were at risk of kidnap, hunger, disease and exploitation.

No they are safe in a caring nursery and our street team follow up with regular visits to ensure their attendance and keep them off the streets.

Thanks to Fulmer Infant School in the U.K. for their visit too the Radio Christmas studios in 2018.

We were very thankful to Russell, Joanna, Benjamin and Joseph Soden for their visit to Guatemala in December 2016.

Oli O´Neil is busy recording special School´s Hour shows for this December.

Have a look at last year's Radio Christmas studio in Cafe Africa, Amersham, U.K.

Here at Radio Christmas we love Christmas music, but when you have heard "I wish it could be Christmas" 100 times,

then maybe now is the time to start thinking about extending your music library or your iTunes or Spotify playlist.

The team at Radio Christmas get to hear a lot of Christmas music and so we are suggesting the following iTunes playlist

and we are happy for your suggestions to add to this list.

Happy Christmas and enjoy a very musical Christmas.


Come and be part of Radio Christmas 2020

This year Radio Christmas will be broadcasting LIVE from the UK, USA, Guatemala, Honduras and hopefully many other countries from the 1st to the 24th December.  The first broadcast will be from 6:00am (GMT) on the 1st December with the breakfast show.


If you are interested having their own show on Radio Christmas, then check out the explainer video and what shows are currently available on our schedule.  If you see a show that says "available", choose one that fits your diary and then contact us and we will come back to you quickly to discuss your show.  We have a studio available in Sycamore Road, Amersham and in Guatemala City.


Why not be part of thr tech team this year?  If you have the skills needed to help run the tech side of things then Oli, in Amersham, would love to hear from you. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


If you have an hour or more availabvle and could help answer the phone in the studio, then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  You can also call the studio on 01494 853797.


Do you fancy yourself as a radio newsreader?  Well this role is both exciting and puts you out on air at the top of the hour.  For more information and to register to be a newsreader please go to the NEWREADER PAGE on our site.

THANK YOU for your interest and we hope you will join the team that will help UNITE THE WORLD this Christmas.



Radio Christmas partners with Street Kids Direct to raise funds for vulnerable children and young people in Central America and now it's easier than ever to donate to the cause with the charity's new online giving platform.

Street Kids Direct ensures that 100% of all its donations goes DIRECTLY to the projects it partners with in Guatemala and Honduras and the new platform will help those in the UK and around the world to ensure their gift impacts more children than ever.

A special site for donors in the U.S. is now available and supporters are able to get the tax information they need for their gift.


Radio Christmas is the world's number one festive charity radio station and we would love to be able to shout that out as much as we can, but we need your help.

Would you be able to become one of our social promoters and plug Radio Christmas for us on your social media circles?  You could also organize a Radio Christmas listen party and join in the live fun from your home, school or office.

Be part of the fun this Christmas and help us help more street-living and high-risk children in Central America enjoy a much happier Christmas and a better year ahead.