New Music 2019

New Music 2019 (23)

Holiday Road

21 Dec 2019 Written by

Holiday Road by Jeff Nicholson


Your Christmas Song

21 Dec 2019 Written by
Your Christmas Song by Chuck Schaeffer [ASCAP]
10 Weeks Top 50, "Along These Lines" - 2012 RMR Roots Country Charts

Xmas Time

16 Dec 2019 Written by

David O'Brien, lead singer of the a folk fusion band based in Sussex wrote and recorded 'Xmas time' a family Christmas song this year as an antidote to the winter blues and to celebrate the classic Xmas song in all its glory. 

Click here to watch "Coming Home For Christmas" Irish Music Video:

Meghan Ali's Website:

It´s Christmas party time.  Singer: Mick Clark


10 Dec 2019 Written by

Gratitude.  Sing: Cornell Kinderknecht

Home for Christmas

10 Dec 2019 Written by
Home for Christmas.  Singers: Kris and Angel Madrigal. 

‎Home For Christmas - Single by Andrew Collins

Radio Christmas is the world's number one festive charity radio station