About Street Children

Defining Street Children:

Defining Street-living children is as complex as the issue itself and therefore many organisations define them differently. Many at-risk children live on the streets, whilst some may only work on the streets or spend the majority of their time there. 

At Street Kids Direct, we identify street-living children as:

Any child or young person who sleeps and depends on the street in order to survive.

Is life dangerous on the streets?

For the vast majority, life on the streets is short, violent and exacerbated by crime and abuse. This is particularly acute in Latin America where there is a disturbing history of torture and murder of street children. Drug abuse is prevalent for most, used to forget the pain of street life and keep them warm.

Do they have families?

Normally, most street children do not maintain contact with their families. Physical and sexual abuse and poverty are the three most commonly cited reasons by street children for leaving home.

Therefore, maintaining any contact is highly unlikely. 

How do Street Kids Direct help?

Street Kids Direct outreach to those living on the streets and offer them a helping hand in leaving the streets should they make the decision to leave. The charity also works with high-risk families where children are vulnerable to prevent them from having to take to the streets.