Regular Shows & Presenters

Duncan Dyason

Duncan is the founder of Radio Christmas and is now apparently “old” and so is asked not to take much of a role on the radio anymore. Steve keeps an eye on him and ensures he limits his classical music tastes to a few hours of broadcasting a week.

Oli O’Neill

Oli is a youth worker and children’s entertainer in Amersham and has been involved in Radio Christmas since 2012. Oli heads up the UK broadcasts. In 2019, for the first time, he visited Street Kids Direct in Central America and presenting live shows from both our Honduras and Guatemala studios!

Martin Hughes

Martin lives in Buckinghamshire, UK. He presents professionally on Wycombe Sound on Saturday mornings and has volunteered with Radio Christmas for 13 years. Martin is Head of Programming and is presenting Saturday Breakfast in 2021.

Jack and Kathryn

Jack and Kathryn are both youth workers. Jack owns his own children’s ‘Woodland Adventure Club’ that sponsors Radio Christmas during its broadcasts in December. They host the morning show from Monday to Friday so why not tune in?

Alex Denton

Alex has been involved with Radio Christmas for many years. In 2019 he decided to take a gap from his work in London and fly out to Street Kids Direct in Guatemala to support the projects! He’s known for his Agony Aunt and Epic Disney Quiz shows on Radio Christmas!

Ron Spicer

Ron hails from across the pond and is the face of Radio Christmas in the US. Ron spends far too much of his free time collecting Christmas recordings, but every December, you are the benefactors when Ron opens his vault of Christmas goodies for his “Fireside Christmas” radio show!

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