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Radio Christmas has grown in popularity locally, nationally and internationally since it launched in 2008. With listeners in 192 countries around the world and a large local audience, Radio Christmas is an effective platform for you to advertise business or organisation, both during the festive period and throughout the year, and to support a fantastic local charity at the same time.

Advertising on Radio Christmas starts from as little as £10, with all the fantastic options available below for you to see.

Our advertising options:

CostBreakdownTotal Adverts
£10.00One advert played three times during one day3
£25.00One advert played eight times over two days8
£50.00One advert everyday Monday-Friday until the 23rd December17
£100.00Two adverts every day Monday-Friday until the 23rd December, one of these adverts in premium time*34
£250.00Four adverts every day Monday-Friday until the 23rd December, two of these adverts in premium time*92
£500.00Eight adverts every day Monday-Friday until the 23rd December, five of these adverts in premium time*184

Extra Information:

All adverts last for 20 seconds. Just send in your text and we will record your advert for you.

We will also include your logo on our website homepage throughout the year.

(Please read your text through to ensure that it lasts no longer than 20seconds.)
*Premium time is from 9am-12pm and 8-10pm.

Tailored Adverts:

For those wishing to have a tailored advert that includes various voices, music and effects, Radio Christmas can offer you the total package for an extra £100.

Contact Us:

Once you have decided how you would like to advertise please get in touch with our advertising team at and they will be happy to help you and process your advert.

Take a look at our radio statistics:


Radio Christmas is proud to be listened to by 192 countries around the world.


listeners tuned in and listened to Radio Christmas on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


On average 500 people tune in online every day.

Take a look at what business owners say about advertising on Radio Christmas:

“Radio Christmas was not just fun
and very interesting but it brought
people into our shop. It was great
to listen to and we will be
supporting again this year.”

Brian from Chesham Cameras

“Loved it”

Phil from Phil Murgatroyd Computing

“Radio Christmas certainly brought
customers into my shop and we got
a lot more than we paid for.”

Terry from Talking Mobiles