Help make Radio Christmas happen by teching one (or many) shows during December! Whether you have experience or not, we can train you up to help produce the shows and bring some Christmas cheer to our listeners! Find out more below about the Technical team….

What does being on the Technical Team involve?

Every show requires a technician to play the music, control the microphones, play adverts and help bring peoples creative ideas and shows to life. Shows are usually 1 hour long but some can range from 2-3 hours. If you are looking to tech, you will need to arrive 30 minutes before the show is due to begin so that you can meet with the hosts and plan the tech transition for on the hour.

You will also have to learn how to use or familiarise yourself with the tech system ahead of the show.

What if I would like to Tech but don’t have any experience?

Then we would love to train you up so that you can learn how! We are always happy to welcome new Technical assistants in the studio, all we ask is that you are willing to learn and can dedicate an hour or so to being taught.

There is always a studio manager on hand for support if you are fairly new to Teching too.

How often do I need to Tech?

You are welcome to sign up for as many shows as you like. If we are training you up, then its always great to see you in the studio more than a couple times. Just let us know on the sign up form how often you can commit. Thank you!